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Format and Requirements


The Bachelor of Healthcare Administration from Reinhardt University is designed for students preparing for careers as managers in the healthcare sector.

Program Format

This is a degree completion program consisting of 48 credit hours, all of which are offered exclusively in an online format. A total of 120 credit hours are required to earn the degree, 36 meeting Reinhardt University’s general education requirements and 36 as qualified electives.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Healthcare Administration Degree Requirements Semester Hours
Major Required Courses:
HCA 300 Advanced Concepts in Healthcare Administration
HCA 301 Advanced Medical Terminology for Healthcare Administrators
HCA 302 Information Management in Healthcare Administration
HCA 303 Organizational Behavior in the Healthcare Sector
HCA 304 Healthcare Law, Regulations and Ethics
HCA 305 Strategic Management in Healthcare Organizations
HCA 306 The Economics of Healthcare
HCA 307 Human Resource Management in Healthcare Organizations
HCA 308 Institutional Accounting in Finance for Healthcare Administrators
HCA 401 Clinical Data Management
HCA 402 Patient Safety and Infection Prevention
HCA 403 Public Health Administration
HCA 404 Supply Chain Management for Healthcare
HCA 405 The Impact of Regulatory Policy on Healthcare
HCA 406 Healthcare Quality Management and Assessment
HCA 410* Capstone Course in Healthcare Administration
HCA 490* Internship in Healthcare Administration
*Students can choose between HCA 410 or 490
Free Electives:
Approved transfer credit earned from regionally accredited colleges and universities and approved technical/professional training credit.Free elective deficiencies may be satisfied with other coursework taken through Reinhardt University.
General Education Requirements:
Speech Communications
Mathematics-College Algebra or Above
Natural Science
Social Science
Computer Applications
General Education Core Electives from any of the above
Total Hours to Earn a Degree 120

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